Introduction - "What Is Atheist Ground?"

Atheist Ground is a website dedicated to promoting, and informing people about, atheism. I'm a positive atheist in the double sense that I'm (almost) positive that God does not exist, and that I see atheism as a positive thing. One of the questions I'm often asked is - why promote the belief that God does not exist? But many atheists, myself included, think that recognising the truth of atheism is as important as acknowledging God's existence would be - were theism true. The truth matters. And we tend to think that humanism provides the best grounding for ethics. So I hope you enjoy learning about a much-misunderstood belief, and feel better able to make up your own mind at the end of it.

-- Thomas Ash, webmaster

Essays on Atheism and Religion

Included here are many essays, by myself and others on both atheism itself and issues relating to religion, such as separation of Church and State. Of course, reading a religious debate in which only one side can make its case is hardly the best way to make your own mind up. So also included are some essays by Christians and Muslims, alongside criticisms of these religions...


Essays on Atheism

Classics on Atheism
Arguments For & Against
God's Existence

Essays on Religions


Essays on Religious Issues

Separation of Church and State
Evolution and Creationism


Books on Atheism and Religion

See my library of books on atheism and religion, written by both atheistic and theistic authors. Each book has a brief but hopefully insightful description-cum-review...


Other Websites on Atheism

The internet is home to a lively atheist community, featuring ongoing debates on all aspects of philosophy and religion, thousands of articles, satire, support, and Bible criticism. Here is a selection of jumping-off points for your exploration of atheism on the web. If you would like to suggest any additional sites you feel should be listed here, please let me know.

The Secular Web - One of the foremost atheist websites, dedicated to promoting metaphysical naturalism. The Secular Web maintains a library of modern and classics writings on atheism, an infidel newswire, resources for support and activism, a shop, an active discussion board for atheists and theists, and, admirably, links to all known rebuttals. The Secular Web is a registered charity, and is supported by donations.

Council for Secular Humanism - Publisher of 'Free Inquiry' magazine, an invaluable bimonthly for those committed to humanism and science. Writers include Paul Kurtz, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Peter Singer, and Tom Flynn.

American Atheists - The website of the largest organisation for - you guessed it - American atheists. The focus is very much on activism, but there are good factual articles as well.

The American Atheist - Published by American Atheists (see above) this bills itself as "A Journal of Atheist News and Thought." The focus is mainly on news, but some interesting thought is included too, and selected articles from the print edition are available to read on the web. - A fellowship of ex-ministers & ex-Christians that left the faith for conscientious and intellectual reasons, which has republished some of my articles.

The God Forums - a website for the discussion of religion

Landover Baptist Church - A satirical site masquerading as a fundamentalist baptist church.

Betty Bowers - A parody of Gucci-wearing God-fearers.


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